Right After 15 Marines Killed In Plane Explosion, Trump And Melania Did UNTHINKABLE For Them

Very sad time for our country and our military!

I send my prayers to their families and friends.

According to Liberty Writers, one Navy Corpsman and 15 Marines were just killed after the US Marine Corps KC130 place crashed in a soybean field last night.

Here is the video from the tragic accident:

Please send your prayers to the fallen soldiers and their families. Leflore County Emergency Management Agency Director Frank Randle said to the reporters at the site on Monday that 16 bodies were found and have been recovered.

One witness confirmed that some of the bodies were found more than a mile from this crash site, according to Daily Mail. President Trump and his wife Melania Trump also tweeted about this and sent his prayers:

WLBT reported that the names still haven’t been announced by the Marine Corps and the evidences show that the plane exploded in the air. This is just very sad to hear. When an American soldier dies, some of America’s peace dies with them too. Trump is always responding very quickly to things like this and sends his prayers to the fallen soldies. We all know how much he loves and supports our military and their families for their sacrifice for our country.

According to Fox News, the KC-130, who was used as a refueling tanker, “experienced a mishap” when it crashed into the soybean field around 4 PM on Monday. The plane exploded in the air and was found around 85 miles north of Jackson. Their bodies were found and recovered later on Monday.

Our Vice President Mike Pence also made sure he sent out his prayers to the victims: “Karen & I are praying for the families of the Marines who lost their lives. These Marines will be in our hearts.”

One of the witnesses who was working on his farm at the time of this sad accident said:

“You looked up and you saw the plane twirling around,” he said. “It was spinning down.”Fox News reports.

Please send your prayers and let us know what you think about this accident in the comments section below. God bless America and the American people!