Just In: Bill O’Reilly Is Ready for BATTLE Agains Anti – Trump Media. Do you SUPPORT Him ?

Media Matters made an enormous oversight when they promoted the campaign to fire Bill O’Reilly. Currently, O’Reilly has a bigger impact on the audience than he could have ever succeeded on FOX News.

O’Reilly , the Conservative juggernaut, has set the mainstream media in panic mode by declaring his plan to begin an online news organization. “I am starting my own operation. We are going to do that,” Bill O’Reilly said (according to Variety).

Before getting canned from FOX News based on unproven accusations, O’Reilly was the most popular news anchor since the existence of cable news.

Traditional media outlets are reeling as a reaction to O’Reilly’s new endeavor. The popular media is already fighting tooth and nail to keep viewers as virtual media proceeds to increase in popularity.

O’Reilly is beginning to gather a team of reporter and producers which includes a FOX News producer who recently quit to help O’Reilly launch his new project (according to Mediaite).

O’Reilly’s intention is to revive The Factor as a half hour long streaming broadcast every night on BillOReilly.com. If the newer version of The Factor succeeds, O’Reilly plans to develop it further.

“It’s basically an experiment to see how many people are going to want this service.” O’Reilly stated, “That’s coming and will be here before September in a robust form. But I suspect there will be another network maybe merging with us.”

Since getting fired from FOX News, numerous news outlets have actively sought after the opinion journalism king to work at their networks.

Rumors have went on that O’Reilly might become a part of the Newsmax team as he was recently brought on as a contributor. The One America News network has also been trying to recruit O’Reilly. All the while, leading conservative power players are thinking of launching another cable news network to oppose FOX News, which has been starting to lean towards the Left.

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