Maxine Waters Threatens Ben Carson She’ll “Take Him Apart”, Ben Hits Back

There is a list of politicians in Congress who have outstayed their usefulness in Washington, and it includes Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and, arguably, Republican Senator John McCain.

This list definitely includes Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters of Los Angeles, who just went on an unhinged tirade against President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson. Thankfully, Carson did not suffer it and punched back.

During a recent town hall event, Maxine said that Ben should return to being a surgeon, and threatened that the next time he appears in front of the House Financial Services Committee, she will “take him apart.”

Responded Ben on Fox Business News, “I think that I’m here for a purpose, and that purpose is to try to provide a nurturing environment that will allow people to become self-sustaining and make America into the kind of place that we all want it to be.” He continued, “I don’t respond to politicians who say inflammatory things.”

Waters’ comments were not well-received by some Trump supporters who came to the event to protest, carrying signs that said “Impeach Mad Max.” Waters led her liberal followers in a counter-protest, screaming “Impeach 45!” Said a commenter on Young Conservatives about Maxine’s statement about Carson, “Don’t Democrats know how to cut out the violent rhetoric? Enough already, they need an intervention and psychological counseling.” They added, “Now it is no doubt improper to threaten a witness who would appear before the Committee.  And she’s the top Democrat on the Committee so she should know better.  But she’s blinded by trying to appeal to her millennial fans.” Should Maxine resign after threatening Ben Carson like this? Watch below: