Eric Trump and Bill O’Reilly Just Destroyed CNN President for calling FOX a “state-run TV”

On Friday, CNN president Jeff Zucker had an interview with New Yorker magazine’s weekly radio program, and took aim at his network’s competitors. The liberal president labeled the conservative competitor Fox News “state-run TV” and made it clear that MSNBC has become the opposition to President Trump. However, he quickly got destroyed by President Trump’s son, Eric, and one of the most recognizable Fox News hosts of all time, Bill O’Reilly.

Zucker also predictably placed CNN as being in the center, and claiming that his network was “seeking the truth.”

He said, “Certainly in prime time and in the morning, Fox is state-run TV, and is extolling the line out of the White House. MSNBC has become the opposition. And I think CNN is seeking the truth.”

On CNN president Jeff Zucker’s statement, Bill O’Reilly had some wisely chosen words, as he said:

CNN has the audacity to call Fox News “state run” while that liberal network had been carrying water for the Democratic Party for decades.

He is absolutely right! But the backlash didn’t stop here, as President Trump’s son, Eric Trump retweeted Bill O’Reilly’s post and had something else to add:

Ironic. Unlike @CNN, I don’t remember @FoxNews giving the debate questions to one of the candidates ahead of time.

CNN’s president just got completely shut down! I think we can all agree that CNN was a pro-Hillary network during the campaign, and was one of the main reasons why she got the popular vote. CNN was the biggest Clinton campaigner. Period.

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