Bill O’Reilly Drops Bomb On Fox News – Network In Panic Mode

Two months have past ever since Bill O’Reilly was ousted from Fox News after a string of sexual harassment accusations against him were revealed to the general public which caused the advertisers to pull their adds from his show. Now, he is winning back the spotlight, and Fox will nor like what he has to say one bit.

CNN informed that O’Reilly spilled the beans at a show in Westbury, New York a week ago to say that the truth about his dismissal is about to go out in the open.

“In the weeks to come, there will be a bunch of news stories that will explain what happened and why it happened,” O’Reilly stated. “It’s pretty grisly. It’s pretty nasty. It has to do with far-left progressive organizations that are bent on destroying anybody with whom they disagree, including the president.”

“I can’t really get into depth about why I left Fox and what’s going to happen now,” he stated on Saturday, “because my lawyers are pleading with me, ‘For once in your life, O’Reilly, could you just shut up?’”

The following remarks were made throughout a stop on O’Reilly’s “The Spin Stops Here Tour,” which he has been doing since 2011 with conservative comedian Dennis Miller.  O’Reilly stunned his audience in the course of the show by announcing that he is planning to start his own network, that would be a direct opponent of Fox.

“There could be a new network,” O’Reilly stated. “A bunch of people are looking to compete with Fox because there’s a perception of decline.”

“I am starting my own operation. We are going to do that,” he said in addition, uncovering that soon enough he will be rolling out a ‘beta-test’ for a newscast.

“We will go into a studio and here it will look like ‘The Factor,’” O’Reilly went on. “It’s basically an experiment to see how many people are going to want this service. That’s coming and will be here before September in a robust form. But I suspect there will be another network maybe merging with us. There will be a network that rises up because the numbers for Fox are going down.”

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