Breaking: Bill O’Reilly Defies Liberal Media, Reveals Massive Media Lie

Bill O’Reilly has been harsh with his words on liberal media. We all know what liars they are. The mainstream media will do absolutely anything to destroy President Trump and his administration. O’Reilly was fired from his longtime employer, Fox News, last month after allegations said he sexually harassed women. These allegations came with no evidence and are yet to be proven. The man obviously wants to clear his name. There is a very good chance that he did nothing wrong, but the liberals took him down anyway.

But now Bill O’Reilly has turned his sights on the lies of the liberal media. We need to make sure as conservatives that we are very careful with what we listen to. Lies are spread through the mainstream media like CNN and MSNBC. Fox News used to be one of the companies that conservatives could trust, but not anymore.

On his most recent podcast, O’Reilly tries to explain the problem. “Were they able, the Russians, to compromise those people, Flynn/Manafort, in some way? That’s the investigation. OK, that’s where we are right now. That’s a White House in crisis? See this is all fake. It is fake. The crisis is being manufactured.”

He goes on, “in the meantime, the anti-Trump media is going to gin it up every single crisis, crisis, crisis. And what does that do? It hurts the president’s ability to govern.”

He is trusted by so many conservatives around the country, he needs to be careful with the news that he spreads. Him leaving Fox was a hard hit for them more than the man himself. They have been seeing their viewers leave for greener pastures ever since they made their decision.

Hopefully we can get this all figured out. Liberal media is not a thing to trust and we have to be careful to point out the lies we see.