Patriots Speechless After Mike Pence Made This Amazing Announcement – Democrats Furious

President Trump a few days ago nominated Neil Gorgush and many said that they have serious doubts about his qualifications. Once again they do not respect the President’s orders.

As things stand, for now, President Trump can rely on the Vice President Mike Pence for eternity.

The Vice President took to Twitter and published a video with who he nailed down the Democrats and their opinion for Neil Gorsush for Supreme Court.

via Consnation

BUT SCHUMER JUST GOT EXPOSED BY PENCE: In 2006, he VOTED to approve Gorsuch in the Senate! Pence Tweeted the 2006 video of Chuck Schumer voting for Gorsuch, AND the Democratic party UNANIMOUSLY approving him!

How do they come back from they? The answer is – they can’t. You just got caught loving the guy, you can’t act like you hate him now. But they will and they’ll embarrass themselves.

Before Trump even announced his nominee for Supreme Court, the left was already against him. They had pre-made protest signs with every possible candidate that Trump could have nominated.

Mike Pence for real you are the best Vice President ever.