CNN host Phill Mudd: “Trey Gowdy should have his ass kicked”

Some people just don’t know when to stop. They bite more than they could chew once they try to mess around with the wrong person and soon enough they will realize the mistake they had made, but, alas, it would be too late.

Usually these people are too self-absorbed and arrogant to realize the mistake they are doing till it’s too late.

So, clearly, Phill Mudd, a former CIA agent and current host on CNN has not learned this life lesson and has done exactly what he shouldn’t have.


The CNN host has taken issue with Trey Gowdy’s interrogation of former CIA head, John Brennan.

Gowdy incessantly asked Brennan about the alleged plot between Trump and Russia and “contact and proof.” John Brennan evaded most of the questions since the the answers would require exposing “classified” information. If there’s one thing that Trey Gowdy wants in this world that’s truth and he will go at great lengths to finding and revealing it.  So here’s what Phill Mudd said about this.

“Trey Gowdy should have his ass kicked. He knows the difference. If you are an American citizen and CIA is collecting intercepts of Russians of what you said, is it fair to go to court and say that is evidence of something you did wrong?

This insolent and brazen call for violence against a sitting member of Congress cross many lines and even strong cynics in the FEC were appalled by this statement.

Before the FEC was able to inspect this charlatan he already disclosed incriminating information regarding the whole scandal over Trump’s alleged collusion with Russian officials.

“Because the American citizens have a right to have evidence presented in a court beyond a conversation of Russian official reports. It is a hard line. It is frustrating for the American people. I hope they don’t want evidence perceived as something a Russian official says. I don’t want to be convicted on that,” said Phill.

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