John McCain Continues His Traitorous Ways

Everyone knows that John McCain is a Republican traitor. He will do whatever it takes to destroy the conservatives in this country. He was once a man of great values but has changed since Donald Trump was elected. Now he is an aging example of what is wrong with the United States. He will do whatever it takes to bring President Trump down.

He has turned into a liberal and there is no way around it. He deserves to lose his seat in the Senate if he continues to make these kinds of moves. Something needs to be done about him. He has been insulting President Trump ever since he was elected. He is a jealous man that wants to be on top.

John McCain has started to be a part of the Left and the Establishment by using the Democrats to push his agenda. He wants to make the Republicans in this country pay for what he thinks they have done to him.

The Washington Examiner reports that McCain has been given a specific role by the Left even talked to a group of people about how important it was to make sure President Donald Trump did not continue to move along the way he is now. John McCain officially wants to see the Republican Party fail.

Ever since President Trump decided to fire James Comey, McCain has decided to make it his goal to get rid of him. Comey was a incompetent example in the FBI and it was only a matter of time before he was let go. Hillary Clinton would have done the exact same thing.

McCain needs to stop with this madness very soon before he ends himself for good. If he continues this kind of hate against the President, he will surely be gone and kicked out of the Senate.

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