Tillerson Properly Destroyed Senator McCain

Rex Tillerson on Sunday did something which the population wants to do to Senator John McCain for a while now. The message that people wanted to tell him is now personally delivered from Rex’s mouth to John’s ears.

Rex represents a man, loyal to President Trump and indeed is doing his job as the President desires. On the other hand, McCain by following his liberal so-called “owners” is giving the foreign nations large amount of United States without a question.

via Allenwestrepublic

McCain tried to shame the secretary in a recent New York Times opinion piece, suggestingTillerson was killing off our overseas allies, one oppression policy at our time. And like a giant hand swatting a pesky fruit fly, Tillerson shot back: You don’t know what you’re talking about, John.
Here’s the backstory. McCain, in his opinion piece, blamed Tillerson for advancing policies that were “simply transactional” and not based on U.S. values.

“Tillerson [has] sent a message to oppressed people everywhere, ‘Don’t look to the United States for hope,’ ” McCainwrote a week ago. “Our values make us sympathetic to your plight, and when it’s convenient we might officially express that sympathy.”
The rhetoric was a bit harsh for a secretary of state who is simply trying to forge national diplomacy that was based, as President Donald Trump has called for across the board, an America first way of doing business. In other words, Tillerson isn’t planning on running his State Department as a bleeding heart liberal humanitarian assistance program.

Each time Rex speaks people fall in love with him even more than before. He is a straight shooter and we must agree that McCain deserves even more than this. McCain without a doubt needs to sit down and shut up forever.