Days After Tim Allen’s Show Was Cancelled, ABC Gets DEVASTATING News – THEY ARE FINISHED!

After the fan-favorite show of Tim Allen was threatened with cancelling, conservatives as well as millions of fans from all over the nation called for a boycott of ABC.

The decision of the liberal ABC Television Network to go after Tim Allen’s Friday night comedy hit “The Last Man Standing” has caused consternation among fans who suspect that the sitcom show has been targeted solely on the reason that Allen has right-of-center political beliefs, and they have a big reason to believe so.

The sitcom show is ABC’s second most-watched show this season, having 8.1 million viewers falling back Modern Family. The reports which spread the news of teh cancellation, also added that “The Last Man Standing” was hitting extremely high ratings in its sixth season, and would have probably surpassed the “Modern Family” as well.

A large number of viewers and fans of teh show believe that the decision is made by liberal ABC owned by Disney, just because the series follows an unashamedly conservative character by the name of Mike Baxter, played by a conservative actor.

Allen himself told Jimmy Kimmel, that living in Hollywood in the midst of the political situation right now feels akin to being in Nazy Germany, and we’ve had many examples to see why.

The fans of the show immediatelly took it to Twitter to express their feelings about the decision.

Let’s spread the word and expose the liberal ABC for their true intentions!