BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Makes MASSIVE Announcement – DO YOU SUPPORT HIM?

The long-waged battle has finally seemed to pay off for President Trump and his administration, as the man who almost risked his career and everything with it to protect the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the one-and-only corrupt FBI Director James Comey, has been fired by President Trump today, leaving the nation in a positive shock.

James Comey has been known for his involvement in the Hillary Clinton email scandal that took place last year during the presidential election, but it was soon revealed that he had also participated in other shady things as well, which eventually resulted in millions of Americans to lose their trust in him and his bureau, and ask for his resignation.

But now, the people are uniting once again, suggesting that none other than Trey Gowdy, be promoted as his replacement, and they even went on so far to ask him whether or not he would accept the position in Twitter replies, on his post statement on Comey:

If you ask us, Trey Gowdy is an intelligent, honorable man that knows his way around even the most complicated matters of our nation, and he is definitely one of the best candidates for the position, but further details are still awaited on who will succeed Comey.

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