Fox News Takes HUGE Gamble On Bill O’Reilly And Pays BIG TIME-This is BIG

Bill O’Reilly… By now we all know everything there is to know about his firing. We know the shady details that surround his exit and we know that Fox News will be feeling the impact of their actions for a long time coming. But maybe we do not know just how badly the executives over there messed it all up. So far, just in the few days after getting rid of the hugely popular television show host, they have lost massively in the ratings department. This comes with the territory, as they are starting to figure out.

What about Bill O’Reilly, how is he coping with this whole fiasco? Well, earlier today it was reported that Bill had a podcast planed for his viewers to listen to starting Monday. In addition to the podcast, he will be paid $25 million by Fox News as well as his monthly salary.

So it is clear who the winner and losers are in this situation.Bill O’Reillynow has everything to gain and Fox News has everything to lose. Many conservatives around the country have even gone so far as to boycott the network completely. Bill O’Reilly was one of the last fair commentators on the network.

These allegations against O’Reilly are completely without evidence and proof. All we have seen are snippets on quotes from what Bill was “supposed” to have done. These allegations are shady at best.

But nevertheless, Fox News knew about these allegations long before the rest of the world. The “victims” of O’Reilly’s past were paid to keep quiet so none of this would ever come out. Bill paid them off in order to clear his name of these false allegations. And yet, when the time has come for Fox to defend their star player, they left him for dead and took the easy way out.

Are you guys MAD at Fox News for how they handled this?