Trump Just Did Something Unprecedented For Americans, Foreign Workers Are Screwed [Details]

For decades under the watch of establishment Washington politicians like former President Barack Hussein Obama, regular Americans lost more and more jobs as factories in America were closed and jobs were shipped overseas where they could exploit cheap foreign labor.

The next step in the dismantling of the prosperous American way of life came when companies here, helped by their corrupt friends in Washington, decided that they would import cheaper foreign labor to take over the American jobs that they could not export. Finally, President Donald Trump put an end to this greedy, America-destroying system with a powerful move that is making foreign workers panic.

Through Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, Trump directed our government to completely overhaul the controversial H-1B via program. It was initially meant to allow companies to hire workers for jobs that no American could do, but it clearly became a loophole for companies to fire qualified Americans and hire foreigners for less.

Commented employment lawyer John Miano, who cheered Trump’s unprecedented move, “He’s the first president to actually do anything on the H-1B other than screw Americans, so in a sense, it’s a really big deal even though we don’t know what’s in it yet.” Stated pro-America advocacy nonprofit Bright Future Jobs founder Donna Conroy, “Directing the agencies to look at how companies are blocking qualified Americans is the best way to hire Americans first.” She added, “I am quite pleased that federal agencies are vigorously enforcing employment law  that protect American workers and stop H-1B abuse.”

A senior government official, who did not wish to be named, explained about the program that Trump is working on gutting, “The result of that is that workers are often brought in well below market rates to replace American workers, again, sort of violating the principle of the program, which is supposed to be a means for bringing in skilled labor, and instead you’re bringing in a lot of times workers who are actually less skilled and lower paid than the workers that they’re replacing.” Are you happy that Trump is taking action to bring our jobs back?