Whoopi Goldberg Gets DEVASTATING News After Bashing Trump On LIVE TV-SHE IS DONE!

When will Whoopi Goldberg and her liberal minions leave our First Family alone. It has been too long that they have been attacking President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for everything they do. Does it not seem a little bit off that they have gotten in so much trouble for the things they have said, but they continue doing it? Conservatives around the country have gone so far as to boycott the show entirely until they stop with their liberal antics.

Well, they have not stopped unfortunately. With a new story breaking Monday that showed Whoopi blasting Melania and Donald Trump for the way they handled Easter weekend. There are some people that have stuck up for the family fortunately. Many users took to Twitter to blast Whoopi herself telling her to stay in her lane.

Whoop and Joy Behar reportedly went after Melania more than anyone, trashing her for the “horrible” planning of the White House Easter Egg Roll. They went on to call it a horrid failure even though most around the country thought it was fantastic. This is typical from The View. They will say and do just about anything in order to bash the President and his family.

“There are some traditions you have to pay attention to,” Whoopi said on Melania. “Someone needs to get her with the program.” First of all, what does Whoopi Goldberg know about tradition? She has no idea what she is talking about, and is really just making stuff up to make herself look good. It did not work for her very well.

Maybe she’ll learn her lesson this time.