BREAKING:Trump Just Made A MAJOR Announcement About Easter-THIS IS HEARTWARMING

President Trump has been making some big decisions lately, especially on foreign enemies that have been threating the United States. He has gone so far as to bomb Syria and ISIS. Now he has made some great statements about the Easter weekend that is coming. He deserves a break right now and it comes at a great time.

“As families gathers in houses of worship across the nation, we are grateful for the tremendous blessings on this land, our home,” President Trump said. This is great from our president. We never saw this from Barack Obama.

“We have a beautiful country, an abundant countryside, and an amazing people with a truly bright and wonderful future.” President Trump has been killing lately with the statements that are in regards to Easter.

“Down through the centuries, the Jewish people have lived through one persecution after another. And yet, they persevered, and thrived and uplifted the world beyond measure. And now, the state of Israel stands as a monument to their faith and endurance.”

President Trump is a great Christian man who deeply loves his country. He will go down in history as one of the most beloved president in history.

He is getting ruthlessly attacked by liberals for no reason. The media also tries to paint him as a bad guy. But he has proved time and time again that he is in it for the people of this country.

He goes on to say, “There are those struggling Americans who have felt, for too long, the bitter taste of hardship. This White House is fighting for you. We are fighting for every American who has been left behind.”

What wonderful words from our president. He is such a great man.

What do you think of President Trump’s comments on Easter and the state of America?