Trump Just Did Something AMAZING For Social Security-People Will Now Make A HUGE Amount of Money

President Donald Trump has now decided to get rid of the reforms to Social Security and Medicare while doing his preliminary budget request. This news comes from the Budget Director Mick Mulvaneyof the Office of Management.

Mulvaney is a former member of the House Freedom Caucas. He mentioned that Trump decided not to touch the program because of his campaign promised to do just that.

“I laid to him the options that Mick Mulvaney would put on a piece of paper.” Mulvaney said. “And Trump looked at one and said, ‘What is that?’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s a change to part of Social Security.’ He said, ‘No. No. He said, ‘I told people I wouldn’t change that when I ran. And I’m not going to change that. Take that off the list.’”

It looks like President Trump really does want to keep his promises that he made to the American people. This is a big change from the past 8 years, where former President Barack Obama continually lied to us and would not tell us the truth about what was going on.

President Trump is going to try to cut the programs that are costing our country the most. Things like food stamps are going to see huge cuts. Obama spent way too much money for the freeloaders, and we are going to see a big change.

The conservatives in Congress are starting to get a good feel on what President Trump is all about. He has made many promises in the past and it looks like so far, he is keen on keeping all of them. It feels good to finally be told the truth on what it going on in this country. Budget cuts are exactly what is needed right now.

Are you glad to see President Trump keeping his promises?