Joey Behar and her crew at The View have been attacking President Donald Trump for the good part of 3 months now. It looks like she might have taken it a bit too far over this past week when she attacked Trump’s children. She was totally shocked when her co-host called her out on it. It was reported that Behar started a horrible attack pointed at Ivanka Trump. Apparently, she was a little bit upset when she heard that Ivanka was getting her own office in the White House. “It’s like going to the hospital and having the candystipers do the surgery,” Joy Behar said. “That’s what’s going on here.” This is horrible thing to say about a person, no matter how you feel. What would have happened if something like this was said about, say, Michelle Obama? There was someone there to defend Ivanka, luckily. Conservative co-host Jedediah Bila let Behar know that she crossed the line with her comments. “She stands on the right side of a lot of issues,” Bila stated in defense of Ivanka. “She’s fighting right now for paid maternity leave … In my opinion, her being there, whatever she can, influence, I’ve seen some good things come through.”

This is not the first time ‘The View’ has been in trouble for getting on President Trump. The have come after not only him, but his family numerous times since he took office. The attacks like this need to stop immediately. Who knows how long Trump will let these liberals attack him with absolutely no backlash whatsoever. We need to support the First Family by calling out this kind of false media when we see it. If we do not, they will never face the consequences for their actions. What do you think of Joy Behar’s attack of Ivanka Trump?