JUST IN:Anti-Trump Governor Resigns Over Sex Scandal

Republicans are slowly leaving the scene, and now Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is ready to resign in order to skin jail. Well, the anti-Trump Republican should’ve been more careful at the time he committed all the felony crimes. The Alabama Ethics Commission has a few good reasons to throw him in a court room. Bentley’s lawyers have dedicated their time in strong negotiations, and the governor will step down from his position, and eventually face “lighter” charges. Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey will take his position. The resignation of Bentley is expected to be brought in office by Wednesday. Some say that his affair was pretty awful, and that’s what actually put an end to his governorship. Bentley’s now ex-wife, Dianne, said that Mason had quite a habit of staying in the pool house of the governor’s mansion. The whole thing started in 2013. Dianne had excuses for the “sleepovers,” but the thing become pretty serious when the chief of staff Heather Hannah, said that her husband and Mason often “jumped” when other staff members interrupted them. Bentley was also coming home with his shirts all messed up with makeup. The Alabama House Judiciary Committee appointed a special counsel. Dianne, Hannah, and 20 other witnesses were interviewed, and their testimonies helped building up the report. This particular report also included over 10,000 pages of documents, text message transcripts, and even emails. Hannah wasn’t the only one to notice the governor’s relationship with Mason. He even called her “baby” during the meetings. Ray Lewis, the top head of Bentley’s security said that Mason often left the governor’s office with “tousled hair, and disheveled outfit.”

Bentley was the one who said that he won’t support Donald Trump during the presidential elections. What do you think about this scandal? Should Bentley face higher charges?