OUTRAGE After Melania Was Caught Doing THIS At The White House-PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!

We never thought that Democrats would support First Lady Melania Trump, but nobody expected that they would “kill” her with criticism. They’d never do anything like this to Michelle Obama. Michelle was praised and honored, and they were all just saying nice things about her and her family.

First Lady Melania will always be a target for being the wife of Donald Trump. Democrats can’t stand the fact that he won, and they haven’t found a way to cope with their loss. It was clear that they would attack the Trumps in every way possible, and so it happened. Not classy at all.

Now Democrats have their hands on the First Lady’s official portrait. It’s available on the White House website, right next to Melania’s official profile. You can also see her biography. First Lady Melania had been pretty busy in the Philanthropic field since the moment she became a Trump.

Visitors can also see her greatest achievements:

  • Honorary Chairwoman for Martha Graham Dance Company in April 2005
  • Honorary Chairwoman for The Boy’s Club of New York
  • Goodwill Ambassador in The American Red Cross
  • Chairwoman for The American Heart Association

Unfortunately, this isn’t enough for the Democrats, and they didn’t say even a word for the First Lady’s success. Instead of doing that, they decided to look for a mistake.

Some went on criticizing the First Lady for her posture, discussing over her crossed arms and distant gaze. This was supported by the explanation that people who want to show a friendly attitude should never pose like that. So, now we have experts on body language, right?

First Lady Melania is doing a perfect job, and Democrats should start appreciating her success. Michelle Obama wasn’t better than Melania Trump.

What do you think about these critics? Why are Democrats targeting Melania?