Liberals Everywhere In PANIC After Newt Gingrich Says THIS On Live TV!

Newt Gingrich has a very special way about him. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it. Newt is not scared to make people mad and will tell the truth when it needs it be told. It looks like he is finally getting fed up with the mainstream media and how they are treating President Donald Trump.

Newt made an appearance on Fox News this week, and he went on and destroy the story the mainstream media is trying to tell.

“I’m very disturbed by the way [the media] is defining this. The fact is John Podesta was chairman of the Clinton campaign. His brother took a great deal of money from a Russian bank… why isn’t that part of this?”

“We know that Bill Clinton got a 500,000 speech from a Russian bank at about the time that secretary Clinton was allowing 20% of our uranium production to be taken over by a Russian company.”

This is good by Newt to expose the liberal media that is plaguing our country as of now. They need to be brought to a stop before they do anymore damage than they already have. Gingrich has been doing a lot lately to help President Trump get through this tough stretch. It is not because of President Trump that he is being attacked mercilessly. This is the agenda that the mainstream, liberal media has for our country.

It looks like we are in good hands when Newt is going on air. Much in the same way that Trey Gowdy speaks the truth, Gingrich does the same. What do you guys think of Newt going on air and telling liberals how it really is?