Earlier this month, FBI Director James Comey turned on Donald Trump when he claimed that there was no evidence Barack Obama wiretapped him last year. Now, however, Comey has been exposed in front of the entire country himself, and it may cost him his career.

During a leadership dinner for the Intelligence and National Security Alliance, Comey slipped up and revealed to the world that he has a secret Twitter account. This Twitter account has since been found and identified, and what’s on it is disturbing.

Comey’s secret Twitter name is reportedly @projectexile7, and he used this account to promote anti-Trump propaganda. This proves that Comey has been out to get Trump all along


All 27 of the accounts Comey follows are reporters, government officials, law enforcement officers, and news outlets. Many of them were responsible for covering the FBI’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, and around a third of the tweets he “liked” referred to Comey himself.

This find has confirmed to many that Comey is part of Obama’s shadow government and is working for the Democrats to bring down Trump. Patriots have been suspicious of Comey ever since he halted his investigation into Hillary Clinton last summer, and then again when he let her off right before the election.



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