JUST IN:Condi Rice Walked Into Oval Office To Meet Trump-This is HUGE

Condi Rice is in Washington D.C. again. She arrived for a meeting she is attending with President Trump. According to the Washington Examiner, Condi Rice talked with Mike Pence earlier today.

Condi Rice will be meeting with Mike pence and then will be going to talk with his boss right after? Who knows what this means.


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in administration of George W. Bush’s where she served multiple roles. She is widely respected in Washington and has even won awards for her actions.

She now has decided to focus her work in the private sector where she works at Stanford University. She did however have a chance to run for President of the United States, but turned it down.

Many people thought she should have run because there was a large majority of donors that were really pushing for her to run.

Who knows what these meeting were about. They could have just been a harmless meeting between two conservative friends or there could have been a deeper motive. Regardless, it is good to see Condi Rice back in Washington as it is where she belongs. Many people really want her to run for President and it might be a good idea.

She has many good ideas and has learned from the best of the best. We will see in the next few days what these meeting were about. Maybe President Trump will come out and talk about it. We can all assume that Condi gave Trump and Pence some good advice as she has been there before. She has lots of experience in politics and could be a good role model for Trump.

This looks very good for Trump and Pence. They are always looking for advice on how they can do better. What do you guys think about this meeting?