You’ll NEVER Believe What Happened After Ivanka Did THIS for Her Son’s Birthday-She Needs SUPPORT!

Ivanka Trump has been a stronghold in the Trump family. She is following nicely in her father’s footsteps and has even received her own office in the White House. She has a beautiful family and has anything she could ever want in life. That is, except for peace of mind.

Ivanka Trump is constantly attacked by the vile left and very rarely even lets it bother her. But this time they have gone to far. Check out this tweet from Ivanka and ask yourself if it warrants any negativity at all.

There is the whole tweet. It seems pretty innocent for what it is. Ivanka is just a happy mom, trying to stay out of the spotlight and raise her kids. But look at what the liberals had to say about her.

These are some pretty unfounded attacks on her and her family. It just goes to show what the left is willing to say to push their agenda onto others. This attacking needs to stop immediately. This is the First Family of the United States and they need show more respect.

The left will never stop. What do you think of these VILE attacks on Ivanka?