Look What Melania Did For Trump It Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

While our President  had a busy time in Washington, Melania Trump had a wonderful time without the President, and even made an appearance for the both of them, at one of the annual Republican fundraisers that are held at the Mar-a-Lago.

Reports from The Hill have said that the First Lady showed up at the Republican fundraiser in Florida on Friday, while President Trump was in Washington.

The annual Palm Beach County GOP fundraiser was at Mar-a-Lago, which is Trump’s private land where he has gone to for his weekends to calm down on multiple occasions, since he became President.

Michael Barnett, who is the county GOP Chairman, used Trump’s ballroom for a price of $150,000 for the dinner, which had around 700 people, who paid more than $300, noted the report.

If anything else, this shows the natural ability to please people from our First Lady. It shows her as a strong, intelligent and independent woman who knows how to go to please the people of her nation. It is true after all, that she learns from the best which is President Donald J. Trump, and this is why we love and support them both.

Melania is doing such a great job in her role as First Lady. She us a natural leader that is a big step up from Michelle Obama who we dealt with for 8 long years. Fortunately we will not be seeing her anymore and should be looking forward to whatever Melania Trump accomplishes at her post.

The attacks she has received are totally unfounded and ridiculous. They are nothing more than a weak attempt by the left to scare her and her family. But she has not and will not back down from the hsters.

Are you guys proud of Melania for continuing to prove why she is the best FLOTUS?