Steve Harvey Risks His Career For President Trump-DO YOU SUPPORT HIM?

We live in times when the mainstream media dictates the development of all events. Biased journalism holds the strings of every problem, and it’s a whole world based on lies and fake news. President Trump had a tough battle with biased journalists, and we must say, they’re not too excited to have him in the Oval Office. The same applies to celebrities.

You can rarely see a celebrity that doesn’t fear to express their positive opinion about President Trump. Well, Hollywood has always been painted in blue.

Can you believe that some of them are now standing right next to the President? Steve Harvey decided to speak his mind after Snoop Dog and Bow Wow released their controversial anti-Trump videos.

Harvey was provoked by the new video of Snoop Dog in which he “kills” the President. Bow Wow went against the First Lady, claiming that “he’d like to turn Melania Trump into a prostitute.”

Who knows, maybe the Secret Service will visit Snoop Dog, and tell him a few things… Portraying the President’s assassination isn’t the smartest thing to be done, right? Harvey supports the President, and he couldn’t just stand the rapper’s behavior. Some say that he risked his career by doing this, but he sure enjoys our support.

Biased journalists didn’t wrote anything about this. That didn’t come as a surprise, because they’re the ‘good guys,’ remember? They’d never attack a liberal celebrity. Their silence is some sort of an approval of all these actions. It’s disgraceful to the max! The media should tell the truth about the severe attacks against President Donald Trump. But, no, they’d rather leave liberal celebrities tear apart the President.


What do you think about Steve Harvey’s comments? Do you support the way he defended President Donald Trump? Would you add anything?