Trump Just Got Graded On His First 50 Days!Look What He Got-DOES HE DESERVE THIS?

President Donald Trump’s first 50 days of presidency and lead of the White House were just graded, and his grades are shining big time! The results are even better than expected!

President Trump received (and earned) an ‘A+’ for his work and ability to handle the situations up to now. This means that despite all the trashing and ‘badmouthing’ by the Democrats, highly successful people from all over the world have shown their admiration towards him and have had nothing but good comments and compliments, reports USA News Flash.

It’s not hard to imagine how the Democrats are losing their mind now about Trump’s grade, facing the terrible failure of their sick plans and poisonous narratives. Sadly for them, there is nothing they can do but to watch Trump getting praised for the incredible work he’s done.

Aside from effortlessly handling our economy, illegal immigration and healthcare issues, Trump also made it clear that he is an honorable man of his word. He showed how much he cares for this country and its people, and that he would do everything it takes to make America great again, and keep the American citizens safe, pleased and happy. What else could we ask for?

Now, as we celebrate Trump’s success, we can only hope that things keep on going like this, so that our President can continue fulfilling his promises of making America a winning nation.


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