Melania Trump Continues To AMAZE-She Is Bringing HUGE News To White House

Slovenian wine producers close to the town where the new US First Lady, Melania Trump, was a kid have created a wine in her honor and hope it can help them promote the city’s work with the Blaufränkisch grape variety.

This is great news for Melania who is just starting to settle in as the First Lady of the United States. Melania has been getting recognition from both parties as being very graceful in her first 2 months at her new role. And now it looks as though she is getting more popular even around the world.

In her home town in Slovenia, they have been cheering her on ever since Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for president. They have now created a wine in her honor.

This should go over quite well in the White House as it will make her feel extremely proud. She is making a difference in peoples’ lives everywhere, not just the United States. She is the perfect role model for little girls everywhere.

Melania Trump has faced criticism from the left for not being accomplished or ready for the White House. But so far, she has done nothing but prove them wrong with news after news or her doing wonderful things. Just this past week she had a luncheon with many important people in order to celebrate International Women’s Day.

We need to continue to support this wonderful woman as the First Lady. She is a fantastic upgrade after having to deal with Michelle Obama for 8 years. But she is long gone and we can finally have someone to be proud to show to the world. May she continue to turn heads around the world.

Do you guys just love Melania Trump as much as we do? We wish her nothing but the best moving forward.