Liberals BRUTALLY Attac Ivanka And Her Kids-Look What She Did Next!

It’s been a rough week now, and we’ve witnessed a few huge political events. But, guess who wasn’t doing politics at all? Ivanka Trump. She used her break well, and spend lovely time with her amazing children.

But, this was the perfect opportunity for liberals to blast Ivanka. Again. They’d use anything to spill dirt on the First Family, and this time they went pretty hard on Ivanka during the Jewish holiday.

What happened when someone attacked Obama’s children? Liberals went crazy, and asked everyone to leave the innocent alone. It turns out that President Trump’s children don’t deserve the same treatment. What makes Ivanka less than Obama’s daughters? Plus, her two children didn’t deserve such treatment. They are just kids, people.

Ivanka posted a photo on Instagram, posing with Arabella and Joseph. They were all making traditional treats, and Purim, the Jew observant helped them. “After-school fun making hamentashen for Purim with Arabella and Joseph,” read the caption.

So, instead of making this the perfect family moment, liberals attacked Ivanka. They said that this was “stunt and sick,” because Ivanka “is using her children.” They suggested that she focuses on Iran.

What Ivanka did next will surprise you. In a good way, of course. The caring mother decided to ignore the attack, and didn’t say anything at all. Why didn’t anybody say anything about Michelle’s daughters?

Liberals remained silent, and decided to speak their mind about Ivanka’s motherhood. Well, Ivanka is a young and successful mother, and she has plenty of time to raise her kids properly. How can this be bad? She’s doing the right thing, and her kids will follow her example.

What do you think about this? Do you think liberals should leave the First Daughter alone and do their job instead? Why are liberals so bitter?