Liberal Celebrity Made SHOCKING Statement About Trump-Supporters Furios!

Cher is pushing her singing career down the hill with every step she makes. The global icon was curious about her political powers, and she decided to use them in an effort to turn Americans to the left.

She even uses her fundraising speech to blast President Donald Trump.

Here’s what she said during a fundraiser held in Los Angeles:

“When I watch Trump, I just want to blow my brains out. Or maybe not my brains, but I’m just like, ‘What are you talking about? Jesus.’”

Is this how a world popular singer behaves? Is planting hatred the right thing to do? This is definitely not the right way to spread the word.

Remember how Cher promised to leave the country if Donald Trump wins the elections? Well, he won, and she’s still here, same as every other celebrity that made the same promise.

Cher was a huge fan of Hillary Clinton because she has a “moral compass has always pointed towards grace, justice for genders, and justice for sexual orientation.”

But, she’s definitely wrong. We know what Hillary did in the past, and that’s opposite everything Cher wants us to believe in. How does she dare convince us that Hillary is a good person?

Hillary Clinton abused her position, and exposed our country to immense danger. She never stood for the people who voted for her.

Nobody will ever forget the Benghazi victims. The same applies to Hillary’s private email server scandal. Hillary left innocent people die. This is just enough to send her behind bars. Hillary released classified information for money, and accused foreign hackers.

Do you still think Hillary is a good person? Will she ever wash the blood off her hands? I don’t think so. Cher better spend her free time singing, because we aren’t quite interested in her political aspiration.

What do you think Cher’s comments? Will celebrities ever stop supporting Hillary?