Rancher Teaches Muslims A Big Lesson-Do You Support Him?

If anyone tries to convince you that Muslims are just trying to assimilate, you better tell them the stories of people who were killed by the “friendly” guests. Muslim immigrants come to this country to take it over. Americans need to be more united than ever. We need to stop them, and protect our country. Maybe the story of this man will help you get the courage, and defend your country.

John O’Leary refused the offer that was about $200k over his initial price. You may think that he’s crazy, but this man just wants “Australia to remain in Australia.” O’Leary added, “We want Australia to remain westernised.”

O’Leary is selling the Gainsborough Equestrian Center in Golden Grove, and his first price was $1.79 million.

The potential Muslim client was planning to construct a large community center, and gather over 1,000 people at the spot. His center would offer a kitchen and prayer rooms. The businessman had huge plans for the site.

O’Leary comes from an old Australian family, and his father was working as a personal horse escort for General Thomas Blamey. General Blamey was the commander in chief for the Australian Military during WWII.

The proud Australian has been living with his family on this property for 22 years. Their family property is located about 25 km from Adelaide.

The place is full of warm memories, and it must have been hard to make a decision and sell it. O’Leary didn’t want to sell his home to someone who is only interested in smashing it down.

O’Leary is also worried about the growing presence of Muslims and the problems they have caused recently.

The other aspect of O’Leary’s refusal is the growing presence of Muslims, who are refusing to assimilate, and troubling the country. “We don’t want Muslims coming into this country. They don’t assimilate… and the fact they take over suburbs and won’t allow Australians in their own suburbs,” said O’Leary.

The situation is similar everywhere. This problem is slowly turning into a global issue, and O’Leary is definitely an example we should follow. He didn’t allow someone waste his hard work, and demolish the equestrian center. His center offers ten paddocks, a hay shed, saddlery shed, outdoor jumping arena, and a dressage arena. His home has five bedrooms. This is a true paradise, and it’s still available for sale. O’Leary welcomes every Australian that would like to buy his family home and the center.

What do you think about this man? Would you do the same thing?