Attorney General Jeff Sessions To Appoint An Outside Counsel To Investigate Obama

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering appointing an outside counsel to investigate the outrageous scandals of Obama’s Department of Justice and IRS.

Sessions had a conversation with radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday, in which he mentioned the possibility of having a special counsel to take the lead on the investigation into these Obama-era scandals. that caused so much harm to this country.

“Well I’m going to do everything I possibly can to restore the independence and professionalism of the Department of Justice,” Sessions said. “So we’ll have to consider whether or not some outside counsel is needed. Generally, a good review of that internally is the first step before any such decision is made.”

If any wrongdoings got discovered, the counsel will have the authority to bring charges, Sessions noted. However, he pointed out that it will only come to this if he concludes that is necessary to restore the “independence and professionalism” of the department, reports The Gateway Pundit.

The reality is – a full investigation into the Obama administration’s many crimes must be conducted, as soon as possible. There is no doubt that he has done some major crimes, but he was never properly vetted and for 8 years Obama undermined the Constitution with very little opposition. He still thinks he’s untouchable and keeps trying to ‘pull the strings’ with his shadow government, all in order to sabotage President Trump. But that will also come to an end. Soon.


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