Sean Hannity Goes Full Force Against Traitor Megyn Kelly After She Goes Way Too Far

Megyn Kelly has crossed the line with her latest statement about Fox News. She accused Fox News anchors of allowing Trump to prepare for an interview by giving him questions.

She said that they are ‘acting’ and that they would “arrange with Trump in advance to ask him certain critical questions or do certain hits on him so they would appear to have some credibility”.

She tried to prove that she is telling the truth by saying: “This did happen, and it’s been confirmed to me by more than one television executive”.

Sean Hannity was infuriated when he heard about this. He sent a tremendous amount of tweets proving her wrong.

He said: “No idea who @megynkelly is talking about. When I asked ?’s about Justices, The wall, Refugees, Obamacare, economy etc I wanted real answers!”

“I would love to know who was “Acting”” asked Hannity in one of his tweets. “Curious who she was referring to. I am transparent, I want to defeat Isis, protect the homeland and get people out of poverty and working!”

“I would also like to know what people were offered by DT, I was never offered a thing. Never stayed at a DT property played a DT golf course” he tweeted.

Looks like someone is a ‘sore loser’! Megyn Kelly joins the club!

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