Trump Will Support Israel Instead Of The Palestinians!

It has been 70 years since the Arab-Israel War ended, Palestinian refugees still roam the territory.

Actually, their number now is increased way more than it was in 1948.

As we all know, everything ended with Israel defeating the invaders.

This caused the Arab countries to come up with the Palestinian refugees.

The United Nations was in charge of leaving the refugees on the move and used them to undermine Israel in every way.

Although America was supportive of Israel, this changed when Obama came into the picture.

Here is how now, Donald Trump plans on cutting every aid provided so far:

Trump’s administration is planning to cut all U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority. this is because they represent a huge support to terrorists.

Read what a White House official stated regarding the matter:

“The Palestinian Authority’s use of its resources to provide material support for terrorism is a grotesque example of how well-intentioned U.S. generosity can be turned against us. This legislation highlights practical steps the PA can take to demonstrate a real commitment to ending the vicious cycle of hatred and violence…”

Donald Trump will carry on to help Israel and to right all wrongs done to them so far. Part of this plan became true when trump met the Israeli President Netanyahu.

Donald Trump has set his mind to making America great again and this is an important step towards that transformation.